Complete Surveillance of Dioxin Emissions

General Description


The DioxinMonitoringSystem® is a device, which has been developed for continuous monitoring of dioxin emissions.


The design furter offers versatile application for the sampling of other pollutants, like e.g. PCBs, metals, HCB, etc.


The design and the use of the dilution method offer versatile and represen- tative applications, like sampling of organic pollutants (e.g. PCBs, metals, HCB) and fine dust (PM10, PM2.5).


The results of the measurements are the average gas concentrations of the sampling period, statistically weighted by the gas flow.


Because all the dust is sampled into the cartridge, the dust can be weighted and analysed to achieve additional information.


Ssamples from the stack show the pollution situation directly from the source. Dependent on the operating conditions, peak emissions of the plant, especially on dioxin and PCB emissions, can show high variations.

The DioxinMonitoringSystem® was developed to measure representative mean values and it is designed for long term sampling of 6 weeks. 

It fulfils all the requirements of the dioxin measurement standard EN 1948-1. A stand-by-logic enables the configuration of automatic start/stop, in case of plant stops and restarts. Two probes in the stack enable representative and redundant sampling.


Continuous sampling using the DioxinMonitoringSystem® with monthly analysis of dioxins and dust by an accredited laboratory is part to improve process control, to decrease dioxin emissions and to keep the flue gas treatment system under control.


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