Complete Surveillance of Dioxin Emissions

Fine Dust Measurement

The DioxinMonitoringSystem® was basically developed for the sampling of dioxin concentrations in flue gas of incinerators.


Later, based on intensive research and field testing, the concept was extended to:


  • sampling periods of 6 hours up to 6 weeks
  • sampling of other organic POPs (dioxinlike PCBs, PAHs)
  • sample the particulate fractions

To sample the particulate fractions an impactor cartridge is used, which has cutpoints at 10 Ám and 2,5 Ám.


After the end of the respective sampling periode, the dust mass is analysed using a precision balance.


To analyse the particle fractions more in detail, a particle counter can be connected to the mixing chamber of the cartridge. Using this methode, particulates from 5 nm up to 30 Ám can be dertemined.




Fine dust diagram from a measurement of particulates

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