Complete Surveillance of Dioxin Emissions

Conformity to EN 1948 Standard

The EN 1948, "Stationary Source Emissions - Determination of the mass concentration of PCDDs/PCDFs", is the standard to measure dioxin emissions. This standard is the result of a 6 year's validation process in the European Union and in Switzerland. In 2003 to 2004, this standard was revised by mandate of the European Union and published as revision 1 in 2005.

Part 1 of this standard describes the sampling, part 2 describes the cleanup procedure of the obtained samples and part 3 describes the analysis and quality assurance in the laboratory.

The DioxinMonitoringSystem® fulfils all the requirements of

 the EN 1948-1 standard. It uses the dilution method, which is a dry sampling method. The use of two sampling positions in the stack ensures measurement results with lowest uncertainty (>10%).

In addition the DioxinMonitorinmgSystem® completely fulfils the requirements of MCERTs' "Performance tandards and Test Procedures for Automatic Isokinetic Samplers, Version 2 (September 2005)". The obtained results guarantee, that the device is suitable and reliable for long term sampling.


Fulfilment of Minimum Requirements

Use of described methods  
Plane filter efficiency better than 99,5%  
Minimum adsorbtion efficiency better than 90% for gaseous dioxins  
Isokinetic sampling within -5% to +15%  
Sampling at representative sampling positions  
Leak test before and after the sampling procedure  
Low field blank values  
Limit of quantification < 0,5 pg/m3/I-TEFi  
Recovery rate of sampling standards better than 50%  
Dry sampling  
Dilution air verification  
Solid adsorber stage behind the filter  

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