Complete Surveillance of Dioxin Emissions


The sampling unit

The sampling unit is mounted directly at the stack, with two probes inside and the sample precipitation part outside the stack. The accurate sampling precipitation and the control of the sampling conditions is done there.



  • Dilution method acc. to EN 1948-1 improved for long time dry sampling
  • Complete precipitation of dust and fine dust including adsorbed dioxins
  • Complete absorbtion of gaseous dioxins and other organics
The filter cartridge

This part is exchanged periodically and sent to the laboratory, for evaluation and prepared for the next measurement.

The results are provided with the laboratory report. The new construction guarantees easy exchange within shortest time and a quick device restart.


  • Titanium construction for safe transport to the laboratory
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Suitable for highest dust concentrations
  • Suitable for monitoring of dioxins and other organic pollutants
The control unit

The control unit does all the automatic control and adjustments during the sampling process serving as interface to the user.



  • Complete automatic operation acc. to EN 1948-1
  • Automatic self checks
  • Documentation of all measurement parameters
  • Automatic stand by and stand by recognition
  • Logical menu structure for configuration, calibration and  operation
  • Colour terminal  with function keys as user interface
  • Multi level password protection
  • Function keys for device start and stop
  • Automatic probe cleaning
  • Calibration routines
  • Quality assurance included
Arrangement of components

The control unit is placed close to the stack, usually in the instrument room and it is connected to the sampling unit using a special heated tube and several cables.


The sampling unit is mounted permanently to the stack, using a flange plate of large dimension enabling the use of 2 probe installation (DN 150, DN 250, NFX, ASTM 20").


Each stack is equipped with one sampling unit and one control unit. This offers independent measurements of all emission sources in a plant.  Each device needs two filter cartridges at least for permanent measurements. While one cartridge can be analyzed in the laboratory, the other one is used for further sampling.

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