Complete Surveillance of Dioxin Emissions

Purpose and Application


Longterm sampling of dioxins

The DioxinMonitoringSystem® is mainly used for long term sampling of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and -furans.  Usually a one month sampling period is selected. In this case complete sureillance is ensured by doing 12 measurements a year.



Measurements according 2000/76/EG

The European directive 2000/76/EG limits the emitted dioxins to a valku of 0,1ng I-TEQ/m3. Measurements shall be performed using EN 1948-1.


The DioxinMonitoringSystem® fulfils all the requirements of this standard. Using 6 to 8 hour sampling time, the device is used to check the legal limit value. This includes the I-TEQ PCDD/F, the I-TEQ PCB andthe legal limit value of PAHs. Due to the sampling at two positions in thje stack, traversing is not necessary.

Sampling of special components

The dilution method used in this procedure cools the flue gas down to 40C without condensation and filters all particulates at that temperature. The cartridge itself is made of non corrosive pure titanium.


This process also enables the sampling of many heavy metals, which are solid at 40C, like Cr, Ni or Pb. It makes it possible to sample salts like Na2SO4, CaSO4 quantitatively over longer periods as well.

More: It enables to sample components, which are gaseous in the hot flue gas and soild at 40C (e.g. NH4Cl, (NH4)2SO4),  on a dry filter. This feature offers the unique opportunity to quantify the real emissions of "fine dust" and "total Cl".

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